Toki wa koetai (pie_12th) wrote in media_and_body,
Toki wa koetai

So, I'm on this message board site called gaia. It's a really cool site, I go there every time I'm on the computer. The thing that makes Gaia great is the little avatars you get. They're pixilated people that you can dress up with clothes you buy from gold you get from posting messages. There's been a bit of a dispute a few times about the look of these avatars. Some people say they look too thin and some people say they look chubby. I think they lean towards the chubby side just because of the style they're drawn in. But I don't mind. The clothes you can get for them are really great. They can wear stuff I'd kill to have. It makes me kind of doubt the stuff in my own wardrobe and whether or not my fashion sense is all that great, but then I think - hey, they're just little computerized anime figures. It so doesn't matter. So I've come to the conclusion that the widely disputed Gaia avatars make me feel....kind of good about myself, really. I can dress them up with clothes that represent my sense of style, and they're a little bit chubbier than me and STILL look good, so that's got to be a good thing, eh?
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