Toki wa koetai (pie_12th) wrote in media_and_body,
Toki wa koetai

Canada's Next Top Model

As an introductory post of mine, I'll say that I watched the premiere of Canada's Next Top Model last night. That show in itself is a huge way for the fashion industry to connect and get through to young (12-25 year old) girls. Almost all the girls who try out for that show are stick thin. That in itself is a little bit of a letdown for normal sized people, but then to see these girls posing nude with guys and having their pictures not only taken, but judged in front of a whole NATION? That would be terrifying for me. I hate having my picture taken when I'm wearing the best clothes, having to do a nude photoshoot would make me feel horrible.

There was one girl, I can't remember her name, but she was told she needed to 'tone her legs.' Then they made a huge deal about how they didn't want her to lose weight, they wanted 'only healthy girls on their show.' I thought her legs looked fine...I mean, if someone with  legs like hers can't make it and be deemed attractive, I guess the rest of us should stick to baggy pants.
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