Toki wa koetai (pie_12th) wrote in media_and_body,
Toki wa koetai

So You Think You Can Dance

Last night I watched So You Think You Can Dance. Very amusing show, excellent from the media point of view. It was, surprisingly, a show that made me feel.....good about my body. It may be harsh to write this, but there were a lot of extremely unattractive people who auditioned. A lot of them got through, but some of them were really out of shape and obviously couldn't dance. Me, I'm a horrible dancer. Can't dance to save my life, really. So what is cool for me watching a show like that is seeing people who are in a lot worse shape than me being able to move so well. A lot of them came on and I thought "oh man she's going to SUCK" but then they were awesome. It really surprised me.
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